Tour a Luxury Coastal Beach House in Port Stephens

Talm Beach House is a luxury coastal accommodation location that looks like it was designed and built to be on the front of a postcard. Feeling more like a home than your typical coastal hotel, Talm Beach House is the epitome of luxury accommodation. From its striking floor-to-ceiling windows to the fact that you basically have your own private beach on your back doorstep, this coastal property sets the standards high when it comes to beachside accommodation. 

To give you a bit of an introduction to this gorgeous property, Talm Beach House is designed and owned by husband and wife duo, Jenn and Ryley, who have two beautiful boys, Noah and Archer and two beloved Border Collie’s named Bonnie and Clyde. Talm Beach House was created as both a family home and so others could enjoy and relax when staying there. The name Talm is an Afrikaans word that means “to linger in a place longer than necessary due to the reluctance to leave ”, and this is the desire of the hosts - that guests would linger while staying there. The homeowners explain, “When designing and styling the spaces in Talm, we wanted to make sure we created a space that was both relaxing yet luxurious at the same time. A ‘family-friendly’ space but without compromising on luxury and the overall experience”. It’s not hard to tell that there was no lack of attention to detail when it came to designing and styling this home. Join us as we take you on a tour and chat with Jenn about all things Talm Beach House.

Hi Jenn. Before we delve into your beautiful home, can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

We are Jenn and Ryley, a husband and wife team and the designers and owners of Talm Beach House. In our little family, we have two beautiful boys, Noah (3) and Archer (10months) as well as our two beloved and cheeky Border Collie’s Bonnie and Clyde! Over the last few years, we have designed and built three homes with Talm being our most recent and by far our biggest project to date. We searched for a property to secure as a working venture that we could also use to make memories with our own family. Hence, the creation of Talm Beach House. 

How would you describe the interior styling found at Talm Beach House? 

Our inspiration for Talm was to create a space that felt highly luxurious and relaxing, but in the same breath, still comforting and family-friendly. We wanted to keep the palette of the home feeling fresh, light and bright just adding soft textures, warm tones, earthy colours and chose carefully curated items to make the property feel inviting. We didn’t want to over-decorate as it was important that the space as a whole spoke for itself. Being that we have the ocean on our doorstep, it was also important for us to make sure we blurred the lines of indoor and outdoor living so that it felt like one. As a family, we love traveling, exploring new places and staying in accommodations that make us feel like we are in a home away from home so our aim was to try and bottle this emotion and bring it to life in Talm.

"Our name Talm is actually an Afrikaans word meaning “to linger in a place longer than necessary due to the reluctance to leave'', which is how we hope our guests feel when staying at Talm."

- Jenn, Designer & Homeowner

What does the perfect stay at Talm Beach House look like? 

Waking up to the sound of waves crashing against the rock pools on your doorstep, you slowly make your way downstairs and brew a warm cup of coffee, sit on the patio eating breakfast and watch the early surfers brave the reef waves. The large sliding doors stay open on a warm summer’s day, allowing the children to run in and out carefree. You end up spending most of the day downstairs and outside and then only make our way upstairs at the very end of the day, unless you decide to sneak away to another quiet space like the reading nook in the master bedroom for a moment to yourself whilst watching the children through the floor to ceiling windows play downstairs. You can go for a late afternoon dip in the ocean, then make your way to the outdoor shower, wash off the salt and sand and slip into some comfy pjs. Then head over to the extra long outdoor dining table and eat a wholesome meal under the stars whilst listening to the waves roll in. 

What makes staying at Talm Beach House so unique? 

I think the fact that the ocean is literally on their doorstep is something so beautifully rare. You can crawl out of bed, make a warm cup of coffee and sit on the patio and watch the waves roll in and the dolphins and whales swim past. So I hope when guests do visit it is a really heartfelt and unique one stay. One that they will crave to come back to again and again. 

What are the must-see places for visitors to experience the region like a local? 

Oh my goodness, how much time do you have! There is just so much to love about this laid back surf town! We are a stone's throw away from gorgeous rock pools and beaches and only a stroll away from the iconic Stockton Sand Dunes which is the largest moving sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere. Whether you are the world's next David Attenborough or whether you just want a quiet place to recharge and relax, there really is something here for everyone. When our guests book a stay at Talm, we include a detailed PDF with all our favourite “must see” and “must do’s”!