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One of the best things about interior design is the unlimited options when it comes to deciding on a style for your next project. You might opt for a sophisticated contemporary space or even a vibrant Palm Springs oasis. You could even mix and match styles, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. But like anything, having an abundance of options can also make your interior design choices a little overwhelming. 

So, to help, we’re sitting down with Gainsborough Hardware to take you through five popular interior design styles. Discover tips for achieving each style, from door hardware to palettes, materials, and more. Let’s dive in!

Japandi Style

Japandi is definitely one of the most popular interior design styles right now, and it’s easy to see why. Japandi combines both Japanese and Scandinavian interior styles to achieve an aesthetic that is functional, simple, and calming, creating a grounding space. 

Achieving Japandi is actually a little more complex than other interior design styles as it’s all about embracing those imperfections. So, there’s no right or wrong way to go about it, it’s more about how the space makes you feel. However, we do recommend going for a more minimal approach with warm, neutral colours, such as beige and off-white, and quality natural materials, such as teak and bamboo, to achieve it. 

Our only advice is to remember to add interest, as depth is an important part of Japandi. For example, door hardware, like the Satin Graphite Avant handles, can be an ideal way to add a darker accent colour to off-white rooms that need balancing.

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Contemporary Style

Contemporary style homes are all about creating functional sophistication blended with different interior design elements. This constantly evolving style refers to what’s currently on trend, making it a super versatile option for your space. 

Right now, contemporary style focuses on functional pieces and a minimalist aesthetic. Think soft, chic interiors that are practical to you and your lifestyle. If you’re looking to bring this style into your home, opt for accentuating elements that are sleek and take more of a modern approach, quality, natural pieces, such as stone, and smart devices, such as a Freestyle Smart Trilock, that can enhance everyday life.

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“Your front door is often the first impression of the home, so it is important you make a statement, whether it is a bold style or the latest technology - hardware matters.”

- Craig Patterson | Marketing Director ANZ, Gainsborough Hardware

Hamptons Style

It’s no secret that the Hamptons interior design style is a classic. With its light bright interiors, elegant atmosphere, and colourful spaces, Hamptons interiors are a timeless choice for any home (even if you’re not on the East Coast of America). 

Hamptons interior design has a more structured approach in comparison to other styles or trends. Starting with a bright white base is key. The flooring is often carpet or timber, and the furniture should be light grey, beige, or off-white. Natural materials, such as cane and linen are preferred, and your décor should be elegantly coloured in blues, greens, and silvers. Aim to take a classic approach, even in door hardware, such as the Lianna Levers in Satin Chrome, as every detail matters to create a sophisticated Hamptons style home. 

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Luxe Style

Right now, you’ll find Luxe interior design intertwined with so many other styles, such as contemporary or minimalism. But Luxe is such a beautiful, chic style, that it deserves its own spotlight. Luxe interiors are bold and opulent, making them such a fun style to incorporate into your home. 

Like many other interior design styles, Luxe is something that will look different for everyone. But essentially, you’re aiming to create a space that is luxurious in every way. Rich tones and textures should be featured throughout, from the marble benchtops to the artwork. Every element should exude quality, including your door hardware. 

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Palm Springs Style

Palm Springs interior design has been influencing projects around the world for decades. The style is an extension of mid-century modern design, making it iconic and instantly recognisable.

To achieve this Californian desert style, aim for a minimalist base with clean lines and sleek elements, like the Trilock Omni Pull Handle. Building from there, we recommend adding bold colours, such as green, pink, or a satin brass door handle, patterns, natural materials, and, of course, iconic furniture and décor.

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So, whether you're drawn to the vibrant colours of the Palm Springs style, the functional sophistication of contemporary design, or the serene balance of Japandi, there’s something to suit every home. Discover the complete range of Gainsborough Hardware door hardware, including more interior design style choices. If you’re ready to put your vision onto canvas, why not check out our mood board tool, which also features a range of options from Gainsborough Hardware?