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Whether you’re an interior designer, stylist, decorator, or even just a lover of beautiful décor, you know how important quality pieces are when it comes to your home. You could have the most beautiful space in the world, but it’s the furniture and accessories that really bring it to life. With this in mind, we’re sitting down with Australia’s newest furniture and homewares wholesaler, Elme Living. Come with us as we explore their stylish collections and learn how you can embrace them in your interior design business (and home!).

Home Décor Range

Have you ever walked into a room before and felt that it was just missing something? Usually that ‘something’ is the character that home décor brings into a space. It’s amazing how much difference adding the right vase, rug, or piece of art can make. One of the reasons we love the Elme Living home décor range is the amount of unique interest every piece has. From textured and patterned vases to contemporary inspired pile rugs, the options are endless and inspiring. 

Furniture Range

Like the home décor range, the furniture collection is full of versatile pieces that will completely elevate any space. The styles extend from glamorous contemporary gold coffee tables to coastal-style linen sofas and everything in between. The interior design world will never be one-size-fits-all, that’s what makes it so exciting. But that also means it’s important to opt for pieces that don’t feel like cookie-cutter. Elme Living’s furniture is both visually interesting and exudes quality, making it the perfect addition to any space. 

“Our customers are constantly impressed by our range of products. They are loving our new showroom and are continually commenting that the Elme Living products are different from everything else in the market with excellent quality and price!”  

- Amanda | Head of Sales, Elme Living

Artificial Flower Range

Adding a little fun to your projects is always a must. And there’s no better way than by bringing in flora and fauna (allergy-friendly, of course). Elme Living’s range of artificial flowers and plants are the perfect solution for projects that need brightening - minus the hassle. If you love how plants can look and feel in a space but are also worried about the upkeep, then look no further. The collection includes floral stems, fruits, greenery, native plants, and more; the list goes on. 

Tip: Artificial flowers and plants are not just perfect for bringing only homes to life, but mood boards too! They can completely elevate your presentation by filling in any white spaces, no matter the room. We love how effortlessly it can add an extra dimension to your mood board. 

We hope you’ve loved exploring Elme Living’s collections as much as we have. For more information on their ranges, visit here. And don’t forget to elevate your projects using our mood board tool here.