6 Décor Ideas for a Stylish Dining Table

We’re always looking for new spaces to style up, whether it be an entire room, a kitchen nook, or a dining table. Dining tables are a central piece within your space, offering endless opportunities to add a bit of creativity and flair. So, it only makes sense that these pieces of furniture always look their best, even when they’re being used for homework or as a quick place to store washing - we don’t judge! We’re taking you through 6 effortless décor ideas for creating a stylish dining table. 

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1. Décor That Complements Your Dining Table

First things first, it’s important to note how your décor will complement your dining table. Establishing this first will help you choose the right pieces for your dining room. For example, if you have a sophisticated black dining table, it’s important to pick décor to enhance the space, rather than hinder it. We love contrasting tones, like off-white, which work to add a striking element to your dining room. This also works for the size and shape of your dining table. It’s important to ensure the scale of your décor pieces doesn’t over or underwhelm the space.

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2. Dining Table Accents

If you’re after a simple, yet stunning way to add décor to your dining table, you can’t go past accent pieces. Think beautiful vases filled with greenery, striking candle sticks, functional bowls with seasonal produce, or even a chic sculpture. The options really are endless when it comes to dining table décor, and you can have a bit of fun with this by adding personal touches. For example, if you have a Mediterranean-style dining room, why not opt for an organic-shaped bowl filled with lemons or a clay vase with olive branches? This will help to highlight your interior design style while bringing in a touch of the outdoors. 

Bonus tip: When it comes to table decoration, the arrangement plays a crucial role in creating visual balance and interest. Utilising the triangle method, where décor items are arranged in a triangular formation, helps achieve a visual aesthetic that draws the eye naturally across the table. Start with a tall, striking vase at the centre as the apex of the triangle, accompanied by shorter items, like small sculptures, at the base points. This setup ensures a layered look that adds depth and dimension. 

Image credit: The Beach AbodeThe Palm Co 

Image credit: The Beach Abode | The Palm Co 

3. Rugs: The Foundation Layer of Your Dining Table

Rugs are such a key element of décor for your dining room. The perfect rug can anchor your dining set, defining the area while adding texture that can enhance your room’s overall comfort and style. Our only advice is to opt for a rug in a size and shape that mirrors the dimensions of your dining room table. This not only maintains visual appeal but also protects your floor from scratches - it’s a win-win! Don’t forget to also consider the material, colour, and pattern of your rug. Each element should harmonise with the room’s palette and design, while also complementing your lifestyle. 

4. Dining Chairs as Décor

Décor isn’t just limited to vases and rugs, the dining chairs you choose will also have a significant impact on the aesthetics and atmosphere of your dining room. Again, it’s important to consider the materials, palette, and design of your dining chairs to ensure they fit cohesively within the room, complementing the rest of your décor. For a sleek, modern dining room, opt for chairs with clean lines and minimalistic design. Fabrics, like linen or boucle, can add a touch of luxury and comfort, while wooden chairs with carved details can offer a more classic look. The chair arrangement should also complement the size and shape of your dining table, working to enhance the overall dining experience.

5. Pendant Lights for Your Dining Table

We’ve discussed décor pieces below and on top of your dining table, so it’s only right to include ideas for above your furniture, too. Lighting plays an important role in defining the ambiance of your dining room while adding to the aesthetics of your space. Pendant lights, specifically, can be used to focus attention on the table while providing direct lighting that enhances both the functionality and mood of the space. Choose a pendant light that reflects the style of your interior—such as a bold, sculptural piece that acts as a statement or a series of simple, elegant fixtures that offer a more understated look. The scale of the lighting should be proportional to the table and the overall room size and the illumination should be warm and inviting, creating a welcoming atmosphere. 

6. Dining Table Settings

If you’re a lover of dinner parties, we’re sure you will have seen the current trends around dining table settings. Right now, it’s all about beautiful florals, patterned plates, colourful themes, and, of course, plenty of food. So, we just had to get in on this trend with a few décor ideas we’re currently loving. 

Deciding on your theme is the first thing you should consider. This can be influenced by your current inspiration, for example, we’re currently loving Mediterranean interiors. Once you have this idea in mind, start with high-quality basics like crisp linens and aesthetic plates, then layer with elements such as stylish cutlery and glassware to enhance sophistication. Tablecloths add a decorative touch while also protecting your table from spills, and they can be matched or contrasted with the rest of your tableware depending on your desired aesthetic. Decorative elements like napkin rings and place card holders can also contribute to the table’s elegance. Don’t forget to finish the look with floral arrangements or greenery. 

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Mood board created by Black Koi Design Studio on Style Sourcebook. View mood board here.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What do you put in the middle of a dining table?

In the centre of your dining table, you could place an item or arrangement that acts as a focal point. This could be anything from a floral arrangement to a decorative vase, a sculptural piece, or even a set of candles. What you place in the centre of your table usually depends on the style of your dining room or the occasion. For everyday styling, we recommend a minimalist vase with fresh flowers or greenery. This is perfect for adding height and interest to your space while freshening up your dining room. 

How do you choose dining table décor?

The dining table décor you choose depends on a few personal preferences. For example, you need to consider the overall style of the room, the dimensions and colour of your table, and what you’re trying to achieve through your décor. The key is to select items that complement your dining room’s palette and interior design style, while also considering practical aspects such as how you use the table on an everyday basis. Seasonal themes can also guide the selection of your décor to keep the dining space feeling refreshed and in tune with the time of year. We recommend including décor that is both aesthetically pleasing and has a welcoming atmosphere. 

How to decorate an unused dining table?

If you’re not someone who uses their dining table daily, you can keep it looking stylish. Decorating an unused dining table can be an opportunity to add an elevated touch to a room without the constraints of daily activities. Consider using larger, more permanent pieces such as a statement sculpture, an array of candles, or a series of decorative books. Alternatively, creating a seasonal display that can be changed throughout the year, such as a collection of vases or bowls that reflect the current season, adds interest and keeps the décor relevant and engaging.

What is the rule of 3 for centerpieces?

The rule of three for centerpieces is a design principle that suggests items are more aesthetically pleasing when arranged in groups of three (like the triangle method we discussed before). This rule suggests that an odd number of decorations, particularly three, creates a visual appeal that balances simplicity with complexity, resulting in a more dynamic and engaging display. For centerpieces, this might mean using three candles of varying heights, three vases of different sizes, or any combination of three decorative items that work well together to draw the eye and create interest.