10 Walk In Wardrobe Ideas to Create a Stylish Space

Walk in wardrobes are so much more than just a space to hang your clothes. They’re stylish extensions to your bedroom and an important part of your daily routine. So, stepping inside your walk in wardrobe should feel like an absolute dream. After all, the space around you often influences your mood. But, if you find yourself avoiding that section of your home and the armchair in the corner has become the closet, it might be time for an upgrade. And with so many things to consider, from layout designs to storage options, it’s hard to know what can make a difference. We’ve put together 10 walk in wardrobe ideas that will have you planning a stylish upgrade in no time.

Storage Is Your Go-To  

First things first, no walk in wardrobe can function properly without the right storage. You want to make sure you have enough space to fit everything neatly so you can easily access it. Drawers, shelving, and baskets, like the Loryn Cube Basket from Mocka, work great for items that can’t be hung up. 

Tip: Take your storage to the next level by labeling each compartment. You’ll be able to locate things more easily and it’s a great way to keep track of everything stored in your walk in wardrobe. 

Shelving As An Accessory 

As mentioned above, shelving is a great storage solution for your wardrobe but can also double as an aesthetic feature. Open shelving can beautifully display items, like bags, shoes, and hats, as well as home décor, like photo frames. These pieces add a bit of character and personality to your space. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing their favourite items on display? 

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Pick Your Palette 

Like most spaces in your home, the palette you choose can have a big impact on the look and feel of your wardrobe. But the good news is that most colours and tones work within a walk in wardrobe. Our only advice is to make sure it feels cohesive with the rest of your home. For example, maybe you have Dulux Natural White on your internal walls with green accents spread throughout the house. So, in your walk in wardrobe, you might opt for a feature wall with lush green wallpaper, like the Luxe Palms from Boho Art & Styling. It will complement the green décor without changing the overall style of your home. 

Think Lighting 

We’re sure you don’t need reminding, but good lighting is essential for your walk in wardrobe. These spaces are often without windows, so, not only is it practical, but it can really elevate the room. The best part? There’s so many options to choose from. The choices are endless between stunning chandeliers, warm wall lights, and LED strips that highlight your shelves.


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Texture, Yes Please!

Texture is everything, especially in small spaces. The tricky part is that there is such a thing as too much texture which can make a space feel slightly crowded. So, take your time to plan this tip. The safe option is to add a piece at a time and see how it flows with the rest of the walk in wardrobe. Visualising the space can also help and is easily done through our mood board tool here.

Tip: Our favourite way to elevate your space with texture is through rugs, curtains, and artwork!

Mirror Mirror 

Mirrors in walk in wardrobes may seem obvious but hear us out. Instead of just a single floor-length mirror, why not opt for an entire mirror wall? Or even cover a component of your wardrobe doors with mirrors. This will help to make the space feel more open and luxurious while also serving a purpose. 

Furniture Feature

If your walk in wardrobe is big enough, adding a few pieces of furniture is great for a stylish touch. A small ottoman, bench seat, or even a small table can make your space feel like a personal dressing room. To help maintain the softness of the room, try adding curved furniture, like the Freya Armchair from M+Co Living. 

Dressing Table 

While on the topic of furniture, we love the idea of adding a dressing table to your space. It’s perfect for all your products, plus it adds a little something extra to your morning routine. 

Image Credit: Villa Styling 

Image Credit: Villa Styling 

Consider An Open Walk In Wardrobe 

If you’re limited on space, removing the doors can open up the area making it feel more spacious. It also creates a seamless transition between your bedroom and the walk in wardrobe helping with the flow between rooms. If you’re not completely sold on having an open space, why not switch the doors out for ones with glass paneling to achieve the same effect? 

Walk In Linen Closet

A walk in linen closet isn’t a new concept, but we love the idea of having the linens in your bedroom space. It makes perfect sense to have fresh sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels nearby. You don’t have to dedicate the whole wardrobe to linens but instead, add a few pieces to one of your storage baskets or drawers. 

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We hope you’re feeling inspired to create a stylish walk in wardrobe space. If you’re looking for a little more inspiration, why not check out mood boards from within our community of users who have upgraded their spaces here.