Our community of renovators, or those undergoing a new build, use the mood board tool as an inspirational and functional resource that gives them the opportunity to visualise different interior design styles and looks, colour schemes and furniture choices, all whilst creating inspiration for fellow renovators. Whether you are completing a full house renovation, renovating one room in your home, or you’re in the process of building a new home, learn how Style Sourcebook has helped renovators and can help you in this process.


Tess, Labour of Love Reno

Renovator and Interiors Enthusiast

"Style Sourcebook helps me to visualise a space before bringing it to life. Without a mood board it is easy to purchase homewares that look good in the store, but don’t necessarily fit with the style you’re wanting to achieve"

Kathryn, Hemko Interiors

Home Creator

"Style Sourcebook helped me work out what did and didn't work together, what existing furniture I had that I could use, and what I needed to buy"

Andrea, My Green Sofa

Lover of Interiors

"Not only does Style Sourcebook offer hundreds of beautiful products to choose from when curating a mood board, but you can upload your own preferred products to achieve your desired look. I love the fact that it is easy to use and edit"


Jess, The House that Jess Built


"Style Sourcebook is an incredible resource that is an easy-to-use creative space for any individual wanting to create a mood board. When it comes to renovating, having a space to combine ideas, concepts, colour themes, furniture & decor allows the creator to create the space they desire visually before it comes to life"

Jessica, The Coastal Retreat


"Style Sourcebook is super easy to use and it's so addictive once you get started. I've been using this so much to try and finalise my ideas for the house!"

Brittany, Coastal Luxury

Lover of Home Styling

"Style Sourcebook has been a very useful tool to allow me to bring my build vision to life. I was able to use Style Sourcebook to help me bring together my colour selections for my build. I have also been able to continue using it for furnishing and styling our new home"

Steph, The Bailey Build


"I love how Style Sourcebook allows me to quickly visualise my ideas and see what works together! It makes decision making so much quicker and easier!"

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