Our brilliant community of professionals love using Style Sourcebook as a key step in their design process. Our professional community consists of interior designers, interior stylists, builders, property stylists, interior architects, and content creators. Below, we hear how they use the mood board tool and product library as a means of sourcing, selecting, and presenting furniture, materials and finishes to their clients.

Vanessa, smarter Bathrooms +

Interior Designer, Sales Manager

"Our interior design team have used Style Sourcebook as a presentation tool to showcase colour, material and finishes to their clients. It has enabled us to present colour and material combinations in a way that’s simple for our interior design team to use"

Court and Riss, Bone + Blanc

Interior Designers 

“We use Style Sourcebook religiously with our clients. It is such an amazing tool to convey an overall look and feel of a space to a client. Most clients can’t picture materials together so this is a simple way to put all of the elements together in one space so they can see the bigger picture."

Rhiannon, Oleander & Finch Interiors

Interior Stylist and eDesigner

"I use Style Sourcebook daily. It's the greatest tool for creatives to trial looks and colour combinations prior to signing off on the design or clients having to spend a cent"

Kasia and Ania, Zephyr + Stone

Interior Influencers and Designers

"Mood boards are vital, both for ourselves to critique and develop our own designs, and for sharing ideas and concepts with our clients. They allow us to plan and maximise spaces and try out different ideas before finalising a design"

Eliza, Eliza Grace Interiors

Interior Designer

"I made this mood board using Style Sourcebook who have recently updated their website and it is amazing! My favourite feature is that you can pick and choose from items you have previously updated or used in your collection"

Susie, Aaron Martin Construction

General Manager

"We absolutely love Style Sourcebook for creating our mood boards. It’s a really simple way to pull together a group of images that accurately convey what the overall look and feel of a space will be like"

Liv, Flawless Interiors

Interior Stylist and Designer

"I use Style Sourcebook to visually start a concept for a project. It’s fantastic for putting your ideas on the page and is super easy to use"

Zoe, The DIY Decorator

Interior Decorator

"Style Sourcebook website is one of my most used tools. I use it not only to create my mood boards that I share, but I use it to create giveaway posts and more"

Melinda and Melanie, Raydan Blair

Interior Stylists

"By using Style Sourcebook we are able to showcase our vision and help clients in their selection of colours, style and finishes for their dream home. Having the opportunity to collate our ideas into mood boards is such a helpful tool”

Gina, Style Curator

Interior Designer and Influencer

"I often get questions about how I create the mood boards you see on Style Curator and the secret is Style Sourcebook, a completely FREE and super-easy to use online tool"

Vienna, Vienna Rose Styling

Interior Decorator

"Style Sourcebook is my go to for creating client concepts. I love having a large variety of items right at my fingertips. It makes it so easy and fast to pull together a look to present to my clients. I don't think I could work without it, that's how helpful it is!"

Eve, Dot + Pop Interiors

Interior Designer and Influencer

"With Style Sourcebook I can collect all my thoughts in one space and build on it coherently by adding inspirational images and notes alongside each of my designs"

Tash, My Coast Home

Interior Designer

"This tool is such a great way to see all of your items together, and especially helpful for me as most items needed to be ordered online due to lockdown.  It really helped me pull the room together!"

Laura, House of Cove

Interior Designer

"Style Sourcebook is a must have tool for me when conceptualising a design for a project. Seeing all the elements come together on one board is vital to the design process"

Chris, TLC Interiors

Interior Designer and Influencer

"I never work on a design project without mood boarding every single room. Mood boards allow me to work out the final design I want to present to the client, but it also allows them to understand how all of the furniture and decor will work side-by-side in the space"

Briana, The Property Stylists & Co

Director and Property Stylist

"All we can say is WOW- To be able to visually showcase to clients the design intent you have for their property is paramount. Style Sourcebook has provided such a wonderful and effortless-to-utilise platform for all lovers of interior styling. Their extensive list of retailers enables us to provide up-to-date and on trend ideas to our clients. To say we are slightly addicted is an understatement"

Adriana, Hatch Interiors

Interior Designer

“Mood boards are what we create for all the client furniture selections we do. Mood boards help to create a visual for the future space and how all elements work in together"

Bianca, Centred Interiors

eDesigner and Interior Stylist

"Style Sourcebook’s Mood Board creator is a fast and easy-to-use tool that I rely on for each project and my clients absolutely love them.  They immediately see how the selected pieces will complement one another, essentially coming together even before they are applied physically into their own rooms. It almost provides an `a-ha’ moment for clients to see what you see and that is imperative when trying to articulate a design idea"

Sam, Designingly

Interior eDesigner

"Nothing substitutes visual communication when it comes to design! Having the right tools to share concepts with clients is so important. I find Style Sourcebook super user friendly to work with and with so many great brands and products there at your fingertips"

Freya, Valhalla Interiors

Interior Designer

"I use Style Sourcebook to convey my concept ideas to clients to help them visualise what their completed project will look like. It is so easy to use and has become a vital tool for my business"

Suzanne, Urban Chic Property Styling

Styling Development Manager

"Style Sourcebook is an indispensable part of my creative process. It's a great tool for putting ideas together and also helps to sell them to the client. It's quick and easy to use and I could not do my job as well without it!"

Isabella, Bells & Co Interiors

Interior Designer

"Style Sourcebook is my go-to design tool, I start every project with a mood board to gather all my ideas. I love how easy it is to use and how many relevant retailers they have featured"

Katrina, KH Designed

Interior Designer

"Every project starts with a vision board to showcase the project vision and later on to show clients how different finishes, fixtures and fittings all work together for their home. The huge range of products on Style Sourcebook make mood board creation so fast and easy!"

Nikkayla, Airey Interiors

Interior Stylist

"Style Sourcebook has been an invaluable tool for me, from my studies through to presenting ideas to my clients. It helps me to collate my ideas and for my clients to visualise their space as a whole. It’s so quick and easy to use"

Sally, So Sally Said

Interior Stylist

"Style Sourcebook is my visual tool presented to a client, leading to the second step, the design phase. Establishing the visual, keeping focused on design with communication foremost the most important ingredient to move forward, thus driving enthusiasm along the way to a successful outcome"

Kylie, Kylie Tyrell

Stylist and Industry Mentor

"My mood boards have helped show my clients and my audience my signature style. I use them to convey concepts to clients but I also use them to show off my individual style and what’s possible – as a visual tool on Instagram"

Briana, Briana Forster Design

Interior Stylist

"Style Sourcebook is an essential part of my client presentation toolbox. I use it on every project whether it be to outline the colours, fixtures and fittings of a new build or renovation or to illustrate the design and layout of a room when putting together a furniture package"

Kahli, Kahli Jayne Designs

Interior Designer

"It's so important to have a clear vision of what you want your home to be to avoid rash purchasing decisions and it feeling in-cohesive. Style Sourcebook makes it incredibly easy to visualise your ideas - it's been a lifesaver personally and in communicating design intent to my clients!"

Lia, EF ZIN Interiors

Interior Designer

"Style Sourcebook is extremely useful with the whole design process. It helps me to put all my ideas together on one picture and see how colours, textures and furniture designs complement each other or not"

Alex, Alex Williams

Interior Decorator and Stylist

"There’s something I find so therapeutic about creating a mood board for a client. I’m a very visual person, so to see my ideas have a bit more life to them on a page, is very satisfying. Especially when the client is thrilled with the vision as well. That’s when you know some magic is going to unfold"

Sophie, Coco Interiors

Interior Designer

"It is so important to me as a designer to be able to communicate visually- Style Sourcebook has been a fantastic tool for me and my clients in this way. It provides a beautiful showcase of how my clients' colour and finish selections will look installed, as well as any of my recommended styling accessories or plants"

Priscilla, The Bohemian Stylist

Interior Designer

"Style Sourcebook is the ultimate tool for creating beautiful mood boards to assist clients in identifying their personal style and visualising their space. It is user-friendly with an endless database of highly regarded suppliers complete with pricing which makes it effortless for anyone to use"

Michelle, Michelle Canny Interiors

Interior Decorator and Stylist

“It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the mood board tool Style Sourcebook. It’s helped bring many of my design visions to life”

Steph, Arlen Interiors

Interior Stylist

"I absolutely love using Style Sourcebook for my projects! Creating mood boards is a crucial component before I style. I need to visually see how all of the pieces look together before any purchases are made. It’s also a great tool to refer to on the day of styling"

Corinna, CLC Homes

Property Stylist

"I use Style Sourcebook almost on a daily basis and I've found it to be the most user friendly and convenient platform by far. Being able to visually communicate the end goal with my clients is vital in building that trust and Style Sourcebook is integral in providing that service"

Chloe, Designs By Chloe

Interior Designer

"Style Sourcebook has been a great platform to create my mood boards. I find it easy to use and the product library includes many furniture options that give me inspiration when struggling to find my own products for projects"

Lisa, Lisa Hunter Interiors

Interior Stylist and eDesigner

"Style Sourcebook is an essential design tool in my business; each project starts with a concept board to enable clients to see my ideas, colours and selections. It's a super easy platform that is free to use, and the preloaded online library contains so many products and finishes"

Julie, Layered Interiors

Interior Designer

"Style Sourcebook is such a wonderful tool. It’s so easy to use and saves time with so many gorgeous products to select from, like a one stop shop!"

Jackie, Styling by Jackie

Interior Stylist

"I find Style Sourcebook easy to navigate and a great visual tool for both my client & myself. It’s so exciting to see a concept come alive from a mood board into a beautiful, curated and cohesive space"

Jessica, Atmosphere Designs

Interior Designer

“I’ve found Style Sourcebook extremely easy to use and my clients are loving the fact that they can easily visualise their completed rooms before they even have to make a purchase. It’s been a game-changer for my design business"

Stacey, Stacey Newman Designs

Interior Designer

"My secret weapon when it comes to visualising a design concept is Style Sourcebook. Being able to incorporate "real life" products and materials allow the client to see the final outcome, which is vital to a well-executed design and happy client. I use Style Sourcebook daily and I love it!"

Christina, Christina Marree

Interior Designer

"Style Sourcebook helped me to identify and refine my individual style and aesthetic throughout my studies. Now as a professional Interior Designer, I will take advantage of the resources provided by Style Sourcebook which allow me to create inspiring spaces for clients".

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